The following information is important and you should read it carefully. It explains the nature of the relationship and the way in which certain things will operate during that relationship.

In this document (not only in this section but also throughout) the terms:

‘APCOA’, ‘We’, ‘Our’ and ‘Us’ refers to APCOA Parking (UK) Limited. Our corporate details are provided in the footer, including our registered office, but should You need to contact Us we recommend that you use the following contact details:

APCOA Parking UK Limited, PO Box 1010, Uxbridge UB8 2XW. Phone: 0345 301 151; Email:

‘You’ and ‘Your’, refers to the person who is using the ScanPay Services.

ScanPay is a means to pay for your stay at a car park or for electric vehicle charging without having to use cash or some other method of payment.


You confirm to us that all information you provide us in connection with the provision of parking and vehicle charging services will be correct and complete and in particular that you are the person registered as the keeper of or are authorised by them to use and register any vehicle (including its registration mark) for the purposes of the provision of parking and vehicle charging services.

When You enter and while You are using a car park or vehicle charger APCOA collects and processes certain information (data) relating to Your ‘Parking or Charging Session’ including your time of access, amount of charge taken, and exit, your payment for that period and can include the place in which you park and the manner in which you park your vehicle.  These are so that we can be sure that your Use of a car park/charging station is done in compliance with the conditions that apply to your Parking or Charging Session, which include the terms displayed at the car park and charging station. If you use the car park or charging station other than in accordance with those conditions and then We can use that data to issue a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) to you by way of enforcement for that breach.

Our use of the data may include obtaining the registered keeper’s name and address from the DVLA in order to send a Notice to Keeper, any related correspondence as well as any further notices if a PCN becomes payable and/or remains unpaid.

We can also use the data We collect for car park and charging station management such as reporting on vehicle turnover, amount of charge taken and repeat visits in order to improve the customer experience. The data We collect may include images of vehicles using a car park/charging station and/or their vehicle registration mark (VRM). This can be collected via ANPR cameras and/or attendants on site as well as via payment machines or terminals or as a result of You using the ScanPay service.

APCOA may share data from time to time as required to support the purposes stated above and may pass data to the police if We have reason to think that a crime may have taken place. If relevant and appropriate, APCOA may also, from time to time, share the data it has collected with a client who has appointed it to manage the car park/charging station.

When collecting the data referred to above APCOA is the data controller. For more information, including details about your rights as a data subject you can view our ‘Privacy Policy’ by clicking on this link. Alternatively, you can email us at or contact us by telephone on 0345 301 1151.

The price that you are charged when using the ScanPay services can be increased so as to include a convenience charge. Please check the latest terms and conditions before completing any ScanPay transaction.


1.) Agreement

2.) Changes to the terms

3.) Ordering

4.) Payment

5.) Limitation of our Liability

6) Price

7.) Right of cancellation

8.) Complaints

9.) Responsibilities

10.) Force majeure

11.) Applicable law and venue

12.) Other regulations


1.1.        Use of the application (ScanPay) will result in an agreement between You and APCOA Parking (UK) Limited.

1.2.        ScanPay provides a method of remote payment for parking and vehicle charging services. It is not a contract for parking or vehicle charging services. Your contract for parking/vehicle charging is still made with the provider of parking/vehicle charging services at the location at which you are parking/charging the vehicle (the "car park"/“charging station”), on the terms displayed there.

1.3.        When you park in the car park or charge your vehicle in the charging station, you are accepting Our offer of parking/vehicle charging and to do so in accordance with the Terms and Conditions on display. You do this by parking or vehicle charging on the premises. No further acceptance or agreement is needed in respect of the contract governing the Parking or vehicle Charging Session.

1.4.        Each use of ScanPay is a separate contract between Us and You, which is made when We receive payment via your payment method. Our obligations under that contract are to make that payment to the car park/charging station. We have no other contractual obligations to You. For example, we do not promise that our service will be available at any time or in any particular place, or that we will accept your payment on any particular occasion.

1.5.        Use of ScanPay does not guarantee You a parking space/charging station nor is a parking space/charging station reserved for or allocated to You. Parking and vehicle charging are on a first come first served basis.

1.6.        APCOA Parking UK can be contacted at: APCOA Parking UK Limited, PO Box 1010, Uxbridge UB8 2XW. Phone: 0345 301 151; Email: .

1.7.        You confirm that all information You provide to Us in connection with Your use of ScanPay services will be correct and complete and in particular that you are the person registered as the keeper of or are authorised by them to use and register any vehicle (including its registration mark) for the purposes of using the ScanPay services.


2.1.        We are constantly seeking to improve Our ScanPay services and these terms may therefore be subject to change from time to time. Any use of our ScanPay services by You will be on the terms in force at that time. If You are a registered user, we will tell You in advance of any changes. If You use ScanPay other than as a registered user, You should check Our current terms before You make a payment. These terms were last updated in July 2023.


3.1.        You can use ScanPay to make a payment for parking/vehicle charging online at .You can only pay for parking or vehicle charging in respect of one vehicle at a time.

3.2.        When You pay for a Parking Session You must choose the length of Your stay. This will determine the amount you will have to pay for that Parking Session. Any convenience fee will be payable in addition to this amount.

3.3.        After completing the process to make Your payment You will be provided with an option to either request an email confirming the amounts you have paid or to print a copy of your receipt. Alternatively, You can go back to the ScanPay website at any time after Your Parking Session/Charging Session has finished and obtain a receipt. You will need to go to the receipt section of the web site and enter the VRN and date on which the Parking/Charging Session took place and You will then have the option to print the receipt of to have a copy emailed to an address that You enter at that time.

3.4.        Payment has not been made for your Parking/Charging Session unless and until You receive a payment confirmation.

3.5.        It is your responsibility to ensure that payment for your Parking/Charging Session has been confirmed. Do not assume that it has been confirmed just because your payment has been successfully debited from Your account.


4.1.        The parking/charging fee you will be charged for parking/charging at the selected APCOA ScanPay Car Park/Charging Station depends on the period of time (for example the number of hours /days). amount of charge selected. The amount will be displayed at the time you are asked to make your payment.

4.2.        In addition to the parking fee charged, you may also be charged a convenience fee. Whether such a charge is made or not depends on the car park location. The convenience fee may not always be displayed on signage at an applicable car park however it will be displayed on the payment page before You make payment with Your selected means of payment.

4.3.        Payment by credit/debit card requires You to enter Your card number, expiration date and security code. Payment can also be made using Apple Pay and / or Google Pay. Your credit/debit card/Apple Pay or Google payment must be pre-authorised by Us before you can start to Charge your vehicle.

4.4.        In the event that You decide to exit the car park before the parking period has expired no refund will be issued to You.

4.5.        We reserve the right to refuse any payment method although We will usually accept major credit and debit cards. You can check Your chosen method in advance on the website.

4.6.        You authorise Us to charge Your payment method if You use ScanPay to pay for a Parking/Charging Session.

4.7.        All charges are inclusive of VAT.

4.8.        If You leave the car park area after expiry of Your Parking Session and no payment is made for any additional period spent in the car park for whatever reason then unless an issue arises under clause 10 this will be a breach of Our parking conditions that are on display in the car park concerned. You may be liable to pay for any extra time spent in the car park and if You fail to do so (or the additional payment is not made within the permitted grace period that applies at the car park) a PCN may be issued to You which You will be liable to pay.


5.1.        All vehicles are left at the risk of the person who parks the vehicle in the car park.

5.2.        Our maximum liability to You for any claim arising in connection with Your use of the ScanPay services shall be the cost of parking/charging product purchased by You using the Scan Pay services.

5.3.        Our ScanPay services provide a means of payment only, and You agree that we shall not be liable to You for any loss or damage You may suffer by using parking/charging facilities at the car park/charging station.

5.4.        We shall not be liable to You for any failure of Our services caused by circumstances beyond Our control – for example a failure in a part of the banking system that prevents it from receiving Your payment.

5.5.        We make no warranties or representations with respect to the ScanPay services other than as expressly set out in these General Terms. We make no warranty or representation that the operation of Our website or any other part of Our services will be uninterrupted or error free and We shall not be liable in any way to You for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.

5.6.        To the fullest extent permitted by law You agree that We shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental or indirect loss or damages, for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from or in any way connected with Your use of the ScanPay services, including, without limitation, damage for any loss in business projects, loss of profits, loss of privacy, consequences of your use that were beyond our reasonable control, or other consequential losses arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of or the inability to use the ScanPay services.

5.7.        Nothing in these Terms shall restrict Our liability for:

5.7.1.    fraudulent misrepresentation;

5.7.2.    death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or that of our employees; or

5.7.3.    Your statutory rights (including a right to receive a reasonable standard of service).

  1. PRICE

6.1.        The price is quoted in GBP (£) incl. VAT.

6.2.        The price can be increased so as to include a convenience charge. Please check the latest terms and conditions before completing any ScanPay transaction.

6.3.        Prices are subject to change. The current price tariff for the car park/charging being used by You in connection with the ScanPay transaction is on display in that car park/charging station.


7.1.        Payment for parking/charging is non-refundable.


8.1.        All complaints should be directed to APCOA Parking UK Limited, PO Box 1010, Uxbridge UB8 2XW. Phone: 0345 301 151;  Email:


9.1.        All vehicles are left at the risk of the person who parks the vehicle in the car park. APCOA accepts no responsibility for accidents, theft, damage to persons, vehicles, equipment, and effects in the car. APCOA is also not responsible for incidental and consequential damages.


10.1.     If delivery of the ScanPay service is delayed or prevented as a result of unforeseen circumstances over which APCOA have no control, including but not limited to war, mobilization, acts of terrorism (including threats of such), fire, strikes, boycotts, blockades and lockouts, epidemics and pandemics (including among staff at a Car Park at which ScanPay is usually accepted), or natural disasters the delivery of service shall be postponed until the unforeseen circumstance is rectified and neither party shall be liable in such circumstances to the other.

10.2.     APCOA cannot be held responsible in cases of force majeure.


11.1.     Any contract made between Us and You under these terms may not be assigned by You to any other person, but we may, in our discretion, assign Our rights under any such contract to a third party.

11.2.     If any provision of these terms is or becomes illegal, void or invalid that shall not affect the legality and validity of the other provisions.

11.3.     These terms shall be construed in accordance with English Law. The courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any claim arising out of any contract made under these terms.


 12.1.     APCOA can at any time revise the above terms and conditions for parking/charging at any APCOA ScanPay Car Park/charging station by updating this page. This can include the introduction of a convenience charge where one was not previously payable. Please check the latest terms and conditions before completing any ScanPay transaction.